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NH Lakes

                                                   Favorite Lakes

Swains Lake, Barrington, NH -
My "Home Lake" which I have fished more than any other waterbody in NH.  Approximately 450 acres featuring both largemouth and smallmouth bass, it is an excellent choice if you are looking for a day of basic instruction or pure catching potential as I know every nook and cranny here.  With a maximum depth about 30 feet it is primarily known for it's lunker Largemouth, which are plentiful and grow big.  While the smallmouth is present the largest caught has been barely over 3 pounds and is more limited in quantity. 

Milton 3 Ponds, Milton, NH -
Another two tiered fishery featuring both Largemouth and Smallmouth bass it straddles the Maine/NH border with either state's license being acceptable.  Approximately 1100 acres total between the 3 ponds (all interconnected) you can catch them deep or shallow.  This lake is easily accessed from the Spaulding Turnpike/Route 16 at exit 17. 

Lake Winnipesaukee -
The jewel of NH Lakes.  Measuring at 44,586 acres with 72 square miles of water surface and 253 islands, most of my guide trips take place here.  Pickups and meetings can be arranged all over the lake including right at the dock where you are staying.  All launch meetings are included free of charge.  Need a place to stay?  I can help you secure either hotel accomodations or help guide your vacation rental decision.  Most people think of Winni as an incredible Smallmouth fishery (which it is), but the Largemouth are plentiful and big if you know where to go.  Saturday & Sunday only offered out of Moultonborough NH July & August.  Weekdays July & August, and 7 days the rest of the year offered anywhere on the lake.

Merrymeeting Lake- New Durham, NH -
Crystal clear waters and monstrous Smallmouth bass are featured in this 900 acre waterbody.  Excellent early season topwater and spinnerbait lake.  As the season moves on and the water warms it is a great spot to dropshot with occasional lake trout picked up while chasing the smallies.  No largemouth here. 

Lake Wentworth - Crescent Lake, Wolfeboro, NH -
One of my favorite lakes in the state with a combined total of nearly 4000 acres.  Known for it's big Smallmouth it also has an underrated Largemouth fishery.  These two lakes are connected by a channel with Crescent being known more for it's Largemouth and Wentworth known for it's smallmouth, however, both lake carry both species.  This is a great alternate to Winnipesaukee when weather conditions and/or boat traffic is not favorable on the big lake (northern area) & on weekends July & August. 

Lake Ossipee - Freedom/Ossipee NH -
At 3245 acres, includes main lake plus Broad Bay, Leavitt Bay, Berry Bay and Danforth Ponds.  Big Smallmouth.  This lake is an excellent option if staying in the North Conway or Ossipee Mountain area.  It is an excellent two tiered fishery.  For smallmouth it is best to get there early as they are difficult to find on sunny days when the bluebird skies come.  Guide trips start on the Pine River (some excellent Largemouth flipping spots) & proceed through the main lake into the assorted bays.

Winnisquam -  
Located just west of Winnipesaukee at over 4200 acres this is also a great largemouth and smallmouth fishery.  Guide trips are available 7 days per week throughout most of the year but during July & August will not be offered on weekends or holidays.  Great optional body of water when Winnipesaukee (Paugus Bay/Southern Area) has unsettled weather.  

Other area lakes I guide on with no travel fees include:  Pawtuckaway, Baxter, Great East, and Bow.

Additional Lakes
 These additional lakes are favorites but a $50 fee will be added to cover the cost of fuel and the additional travel time required

Newfound Lake - Bristol, NH-
Incredible Smallmouth fishery with deep clear water & monster smallies.  A favorite during the months of May, June, and September.  Difficult lake to catch numbers during the summer months. 

Squam Lakes -
At 6790 acres, the second largest waterbody located entirely in NH just northwest of Winnipesaukee.  Wonderful 2 tiered fishery most well known for the filming of On Golden Pond.  Excellent full season fishery with fabulous Largemouth and Smallmouth.

*****If interested in other Northeast water bodies give us a call or send us an email.  Our associate guides are the best in the business and contact information will be provided at no fee.